Yunohost offering CouchDB Server

Hi Danielo, I am happy to have discovered your forum here and to see that NoteSelf is alife, because it is a very important enhancement of TW!
I was missing you on Tiddlywiki Forum, not only when I posted a link to yunohost which is a small easy to install server on various devices, which has many apps and services ready to install of the box - amongst which is couchDB.
I wonder whether this is interesting for you - because it seems to me one thing that had been stopping Noteself were the difficulties with cloudant.

Another question: Should I anounce in the Forum that you have your own forum here? I guess this would encourage people to use noteself.

I try to keep the Noteself project as alive as possible, but I don’t have much time.
I am just installing the yunohost server in one of my virtual cloud computers to test it out, thanks for pointing it out.

I think almost everybody in the TW community knows this forum exists, this forum was available several years before the TW one appeared, and most of the members there were already using this one. Or that is what I think…