TW 5.1.19, Noteself and Tiddlymap together!

Hi Tiddlymap and noteself fans,

At the end of this tutorial, you can have a working NoteSelf file with TW5.1.19 and Tiddlymap running smoothly. Or you can have the HTML file that should just work, I’ve put it on dropbox here. You can keep using the nodejs instance, which can be helpful for injecting plugins to make your own editions, or just keep the file.

This is an advanced tutorial though, You’ll need to know a bit of git and have a copy of nodeJS with the tiddlymap package installed globally. I’m happy to help with some details if people ask.

I was keen to get Tiddlymap and Noteself working together, but I hit the issues mentioned in the forums here and on an issue in the Tiddlymap github repo here. I’m making use of tips I picked up in the forums here, on NodeJS with a few tweaks made to tiddlypouch in my own fork.

  1. Initialise a tiddlywiki server edition tiddlywiki /path/to/tw/folder --init server
  2. For advanced users who want the bleeding edge, add the tiddlymap plugins to the server folder in /path/to/tw/folder/plugins, see
  3. Start the server tiddlywiki /path/to/tw/folder --listen, open the wiki (by default at http://localhost:8080/ ) and install the plugins by dragging and dropping if you skipped step 2.
  4. While the server is running, open your TW (by default at http://localhost:8080/ ) and select the map tab in the toolbar. Answer any questions Tiddlymap has, and refresh the page when asked. You need to wait for the saving tick to change from red to grey, sometimes opening a tiddler forces changes to save after a page reload.
  5. Close the server with CTRL-C in the command line.
  6. Add the Tiddlypouch and puchdb plugins to the /path/to/tw/folder/plugins. You’ll need to download the source code from github (pouchdb and my modified copy of tiddlypouch) and copy or symlink the tiddlypouch/src/plugins/danielo515/plugins and tw5-pouchdb/src/plugins/danielo515/pouchdb folders to the /path/to/tw/folder/plugins folder.
  7. Start server, tiddlywiki /path/to/tw/folder --listen, load the page, http://localhost:8080/ and configure Noteself. You’ll need to go to the control panel tiddler and select TiddlyPouch, the nice Getting Started tiddler from noteself is hidden.
  8. Just to be sure, refresh the page, then save the page to disk or keep working from the NodeJS server!

Again, the end result can be downloaded here

If you do keep using the NodeJS server, remember that all your tiddlers will be saved to the pouchdb database, not to the nodejs server. See Installing the plugins on an existing TW



Thanks for providing this kinda-advanced tutorial @phildyer!

Hopefully I will get the time to make tiddlymap work out of the box on a dedicated edition.
I’ll let you know for sure.


In order to get syncing with couchdb to start/work i have to open $:/plugins/danielo515/tiddlypouch/ui/buttons/login and click on the “Offline” button.

I serve the html file from apache with https and valid certificate, couchdb lives under /db.

Oh yeah, that is a limitation of the edge version. It’s because it is focused on NS sync service…