The UNIVERSAL WORKING of NoteSelf is a critical factor

Over on Google Groups I responded in this message … suggesting NoteSelf as the easiest solution.

I’ve always been a big fan of TiddlyWiki. I’ve been using it in one form or another since about 2010. But the one thing still frustrates me is the awkwardness of using on multiple systems.

Further to my last Arlen Bieler (a great programmer) replied …

“… I agree about NoteSelf, though. Until cloudant stopped working it was my service of choice. It is a good piece of work even if it sometimes is a little tricky. I think we need to get it working with PouchDB server and then you could host it on a AWS EC2 Instance or other cloud engine.”

Its an interesting thread perhaps worth engaging with?

I’ve been running Noteself with CouchDB running on a cloud VM that costs me US$2.50 per month for about 3 months now with no issues. I wouldn’t consider making it work with AWS very high on what I want to see updated in Note Self. I’m not opposed to it either.

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I don’t have plans on supporting any kind of AWS or any other vendor.
I have my own login system almost ready, which will be free for a single account for any user, without registration required.
I’ve been testing it privately and I’m quite happy with it.
It is available on the edge edition, but it is somewhat hidden


That is great news. I’m sure take-up will increase if there is an easier way to get started on the cloud side.

Best wishes

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