Question: What is the status of Note Self on TiddlyWiki 5.1.17?

Note Self appears to still be built on top of TiddlyWiki 5.1.14. As Danielo is the only developer, I realize updates aren’t going to happen overnight. I am, however, curious about the current state of things on the latests release of TiddlyWiki (5.1.17).

Its important that the developer tests the versions before update to double-check all is okay. 5.1.16 was actually a mistake. It had problems. From 5.1.14 to 5.1.17 is quite a jump. A lot of things changed. For instance, drag-n-drop support has got serious.

@TiddlyTweeter, yep. Which is why I asked about the current state of testing. I’m curious how it is going.

I’m not an expert. Personally I wait and use it is once no-one complains after a few weeks.

I prefer not to be “The Hamster” in the experiment :-).

5.1.17, judging from Goggle Group for TW5, seems to have issues around on-line PHP saving (e.g. TiddlySpot)

I think that is an issue with some of the recently introduced “security features” of current browsers and the tiddlyspot back-end, not so much with tiddlywiki itself. But I’m only guessing, I don’t have proof.

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So it wont be a good idea to just run the update process of tiddlywiki?

Hello everyone,

As @thelostadmin said, I don’t have enough time to test every new release of TW in deep.
But, I want to leverage the power of the community and I am a big fan of automated processes.

Thanks to editions you can now test any of your notebooks on a totally different edition of NoteSelf with a pre-selected set of configurations and or/customizations.
One of the editions is targeted at trying NoteSelf with the latest version of TW, always the latest version. You can find it at and see if it works fine with your notebook.



I would like to try my notebook on 5.1.17. I have my own local couchdb setup. I think in your edge version, the only possibility is to use your provided cloud storage. How can I try my notebook on TW 5.1.17 with my local couchdb setup?

P.S. thanks for the great work on NoteSelf :smiley:

Hello @steffenms,

The edge version requires your cloud storage to be reachable by network, but that is the only requirement. So, if your server is running on your local machine, let’s say on port 8090 you can configure a database to point to your local couchdb instance (hopefully) http://localhost:8090 on the settings panel.

I never tried such setup, so don’t get frustrated if it does not work and just report back.


Hello @danielo515

Thank you for your fast reply. I have my couchdb server exposed to the internet.
On the current NoteSelf, I put the address and the DB name, then I press “Offline” to start syncing and get the pop up to enter username and password and syncing works fine.
On NoteSelf edge, there is no “Offline” button and I do not know how to trigger the prompt to enter username and password. I find the Login prompt to enter address, DB name and username, but there is nowhere to enter a password.

Oh, true, on the edge version the only visible ui is the sync service. However, this is just an overrirdden tiddler on the NoteSelf core plugin, you should be able to open and use the original one. Just open $:/plugins/danielo515/tiddlypouch/ui/buttons/login

Let me know how it goes

Thanks. Sorry for not replying earlier, I just found the time to further look into this.

I took the following code from the earlier noteself version of $:/plugins/danielo515/tiddlypouch/ui/buttons/login:
<$button message="tm-login" >Offline</$button>

Such a tiddler displays the required button and pops up the authentication dialog which allows me to enter the password. Afterwards synchronization works fine.

Do you have any plans to reintegrate this button in the edge version?

Hello @steffenms,
Actually what is on the edge version is the future of the normal version.
You should be able to use the same button for login on our free sync service and for the normal login that you are used to.
When you click the login button on the edge version a popup with two tabs appear. You should be able to log in the old way on the second tab.

Was some problem with your server and that way of logging to it?


Hello @danielo515,
Thank you for your fast reply.
I am quiet certain, that it is not a problem of my server, but a UI problem of the edge version.

When I click the login button on the edge version, I get the popup with two tabs.
For the remote-db tab, I can enter URL, Database and Username.

Following basic authentication procedures, my CouchDB Server requires a Username and a Password (I guess this should be standard procedure).
However, the edge version does not provide me with any field to enter a Password:

For the current noteself login, I enter the Server, Database and Username in $:/Control Panel/TiddlyPouch. The login button then looks like this:
And when clicking this “offline” button, the following popup prompts for a password:
This password prompt only appears for a correct server/database configuration.

The only way I managed to get this password prompt in the edge version was by using the button from the earlier noteself version, as mentioned in my earlier post. However, I guess that the password prompt is required for anybody who uses a remote-db server. Therefore, I wondered whether this prompt will somehow find its way into the future version of noteself.

I hope I was able to clarify the issue. Thanks again for your great work.
(Should we discuss this issue under a different topic?)

Hello Stephens.
Now I see where the actual problem lives. I don’t know why I did not included also a login button to trigger a login attempt. Probably because I just embeded the old control panel section on the login form.

I’ll update as soon as I could, so it gets easier to test the edge version.


Any news on 5.1.19 ? I assume for now the edge version is the best place to be as up to date as possible ? Thank you.

@danielo515 Since you were talking about testing and mentioned automated testing, I was wondering if Noteself had an automated test suite or even a manual one?

I see that TiddlyWiki has some automated tests run with Jasmine

I don’t see any tests in the Noteselfsource code. I was wondering if there are any? Maybe you have them somewhere else? If not, would it be a good idea try to run the TiddlyWiki tests on noteself? I am unsure if they would provide any value. Are they testing the right level to verify if changes from TiddlyWiki to Noteself introduced issues?

I am a big fan of automated tests and see value in having a test suite that could help move Noteself forward more quickly.
So here is what I propose, I would volunteer to

  • Try to run the tiddlywiki test suite on noteself
  • Improve the test suite such that we can validate features that are specific to Noteself
  • Possibly improve the type of testing that is being done, (currently TiddlyWiki is using Jasmine, but maybe running another set of tests written with Puppeteer could add more validation for browser based testing)

What do you think? Interested in your thoughts on the subject

Yes, you’re right.
I just tested with 5.20 and everything seems to work fine, so I think I’ll release a new update using it, and if nobody complaints I’ll set it as the new standard

Hello @jonfk

I don’t think they will provide any value. TiddlyWiki tests just check that TiddlyWiki features works. Since we are just a TiddlyWiki edition (we just use TiddlyWiki) we don’t need to run those tests again.
We will need specific Noteself tests to check that all noteself features run well inside TiddlyWiki.

TiddlyWiki was the first thing that made me get back to programming after many years, so I wa very noon when I started to program things for it.
Now, almost 10 years later I am also a big fan of automated testing, in fact I’m a big fan of automating everything that can be automated. That’s why noteself deployment and all editions build are automated on a continuous deployment fashion. The thing is that I never found time to write proper tests for TiddlyWiki integration.
I’m very grateful that you are offering yourself for such an important task. I really think it will help to move faster and more secure, so please go ahead