Question re Noteself use case

Hi there
I am new to Noteself so please bear with me. I found clear statements regarding the technical how’s of Noteself but I’d like to ask a few questions what can be achieved with Noteself at this point (and what not).

Noteself sits on a (central) server and syncs bi-directionally with all instances on all machines connecting to it, right? I presume that using Couchdb/Pouchdb backend means that if there is no connection to the central server it will keep the data locally (where exactly?) and sync at the next opportunity.
Although I would not aim to provoke such a situation, what happens if there is a conflict? Will the youngest edit always win? Or is there a merge, possibly even with user interaction (diff)?
Related to this: Is there a user interface to visualising the differences between historical states of a note?

How will attachments be treated, will they go inside the DB storage or be linked (but how would that be synced?)?

The main developer of Notesync stated that Noteself does what he asks of it, any new requests are unlikely to be added. Seeing as he seems to be the only contributor this is very reasonable but is this use case explained anywhere?

Many thanks

PS: I have a home server running Ubuntu 16 on which Couchdb could be installed. Does anyone have experience with this?

Almost correct. The only thing that is different is that NoteSelf itself is not on any central server, just the central database.

Yes, exactly that. Data is saved at local-storage if available, if not it fall-backs to WebSQL and if not available it uses a local cookie.

There is an automatic conflict resolution algorithm that tries to take the best option. Usually the revision id is critical on this decision. Although there is no mechanism to notify the user about an edit conflict and ask for a manual merge (which I want to implement someday) all versions are stored and kept unless you explicitly ask for deletion. Combine this with the current revision history navigation and you get a more or less aceptable way of dealing with possible conflicts.

Currently NoteSelf does not support proper attachments. Everything is converted to text and stored on the local database like any other tiddler, and the sync mechanism works exactly the same. In this way, it works exactly like tiddlywiki.

I am that guy :smile: . My intention was not to say that new request will not be added, sorry if I gave that impression. It is true that NoteSelf does almost all what I need, and I think it has a reasonable collection of features that should satisfy many use-cases. To be clear, I am not against to add new features if they are plausible and I have the time, but as you said, I’m the only contributor, I don’t have much time and I have some other projects, so things get in slowly. However, if someone wants to contribute adding a new feature he/she will be more than welcome. In any case, I think that many of the missing features can be accomplished with existing plugins, so we better check if a solution exists already.
Have you noticed some of the features I added recently ? like editions and several bug-fixes.

Yes ! some users did it already, and there are even a couple of tutorials here here and here

Oh, and welcome to the community !