Presenting Editions

We are proud to present NoteSelf Editions.
Different sets of plugins, the same data

One of the coolest things of NoteSelf is that you can install plugins on your notebooks and they will go along with your data everywhere your data goes. I really liked this and I take great advantage of it.

But what when you want exactly the opposite ? To have your data totally independent of the plugins you use ? Well, NoteSelf Editions have you covered.

Editions are NoteSelf versions focused on concrete tasks: edit markdown files, write code, testing the latest version of TW, etc.
Every edition comes with a collection of plugins pre-installed where you can edit the data you already have.
Why install a plugin you are only going to use once or twice? Just checkout an edition containing it, use it, and come back to your regular edition again!

Currently we have these editions:

  • online: the regular vanilla edition
  • developer: Codemirror and syntax highlighting for serious devs
  • markdown: Edit markdown tiddlers
  • edge: NoteSelf with latest version of tiddlywiki and new hot plugins. Untested, we go wild here
  • dev: non-minified code for debugging noteself itself

Do you miss an edition ? Do you want your own mix of plugins ? No problem ! Ask for it. I’ll open an specific thread for asking for your own editions. The edition can be named however you want as long as it makes sense.

Hope you enjoy this new feature.

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