Present yourself

This is the official presentation thread.
You can tell here about you, whatever you want. From your hobbies and interests to your usage of NoteSelf.
We want to meet you, and the first point to grow a community is to know each other.

Provide just the ammount of information you feel comfortable with :slight_smile:


Hi All. The Lost Admin, or just Lost for short.

Long time UNIX admin here. Sometimes professional, sometimes not.

I’ve set-up my own CouchDB server to support my use of Note Self. I’ve also got a mostly working TiddlyWiki server using the WebDAV saver and I previously used the PHP saver.

My preferred OS is FreeBSD, but I’m okay with Debian Linux too.

My TiddlyWiki related ramblings can usually be found at

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Thanks for joining us and for your presentation ! :wave:
Glad to have you in our community.

Hi, Tony Here,

Long time ICT Professional based in Sydney Australia, Part of The TiddlyWiki Forums “follow the sun” participants (UTC +10). TiddlyWiki enthusiast for almost a decade. I am into cloud services, consulting, Tiddlwiki, wordPress and other hosting. Have both a troubleshooting / technical bent and love systems and conceptual thinking, although I love meeting business and individual IT Needs.

Retrenched from a corporate Job a few years ago I want to avoid corporate work, and building a personal services and software products business. TiddlyWIki is a big part of that.

I am more passionate about tiddlywiki than you can imagine. I have just climbed over the steep learning curve so you could expect a lot of results from me soon. I am looking to supplement commercial activity with tiddlywiki so keen to connect with like minded enthusiasts, Which I think may describe Danielo.

Noteself fills a very important gap in TiddlyWiki and that is a full update-able online TiddlyWiki with minimal hosting issues.


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Thank you for your kind words @Tony, and glad to see you here.
I am sure you have a lot to bring to every TW community you are int.

Welcome !

Woops, seems like I’m late to the party !
My name is Danielo Rodríguez, and I am the creator of NoteSelf.

I started using tiddlywiki when I was 24 - 25 because I was tired of the lack of customization of things like Evernote, Google Notes, One note etc. Then I discovered tiddlywiki, which addressed all the problems I had except one, data sync.

After years of plugin development for tiddlywiki I discovered PouchDb, and at that point I started to build one of the core plugins of NoteSelf: TiddlyPouch, which integrates PouchDb into tiddlywiki.

I am currently working on a small company as a backend developer, and that has been a positive influence for the development of NoteSelf. I have better skills and I learn something new about programming and services every day.

I have founded this forum because I really think that communities are important, and I really want to build one around NoteSelf.

Hope we all can have fun together !

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Hi, I’m Will

Is this a confessional? Well, “I am not an addict” .
Quite the opposite - I need to develop the habits of note-taking and review.
I still reach first for paper and pencil then rarely review or rework my notes.
This spring, I went through 25 years of A4 notes - ideas, maths, diagrams -
waiting to be categorised and catalogued, now in file-boxes awaiting buring.

Technology should help, no? I had PSION organisers…
(The last one, when it failed, lost the logs of my alpine col-bagging trips.)
Never found note-taking joy via tablets, styluses or e-paper devices.
Forget proprietary formats - I wrote up my thesis in Framemaker,
(and now modern versions don’t read the old format).

So, nowadays, I favour Open Source and decentralised applications.
I’ve followed tiddlywiki for a long time and used it sporadically on projects.
For maths, code snippets and analysis I’ve enjoyed using Jupyter notebooks.
I like the way NoteSelf is going - versioning and seamless db sync especially.

I’m a gnarly C++ dev and occasional Pythonista. I ride a bike.
If I corner you then I’ll tell you all about quaternions.

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First off; Applause to the original creator of NoteSelf - you’re pulling off one impressive project!

Mat here! 10+ years user of TW but - to be honest - not yet a user of NoteSelf (something messes up everytime I try. Hope to get this fixed soon).

I’m not a developer (e.g no JS skills) but I’d say I’m an advanced TW user. Many years ago someone in the TW group noted that you can do really powerful stuff in TW by just using CSS… I kept that in mind and have over the years found that to be true. This will, of course, also hold true for NoteSelf.

Otherwise I’d think people know me as “that guy with a zillion ideas of which a mere fraction ever get finished”… which is a pretty fair assessment… but do note that “zillion * fraction = more finished things than most people ever make”.

I’m following the NoteSelf project with great interest. It’s for sure one of the most exciting TW-offspins around and I hope NS will solve even more of the fundamental issues that TW and the TW community suffers from than it already has; Synching tiddlers between different users is one biggie and a coordinated infrastructure for finding e.g plugins is another that come to mind. I mention this even in my presentation here because by now, after years of feeling how this holds the TW project back, they are part of my “TW identity” like someone who, say, suffers from a problem like diabetes or has a missing leg. OK, that might have been an exaggeration, but anyway.

Kick ass NoteSelf!


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Hello @Mat!
Welcome to the community and thanks for the kind words.
Regarding the plugins problem, we may open a discussion about that on the General section ?


Hi, I’m Jeffrey

I became enthused with Tiddlywiki 5 after Circus Ponies Notebook (MacOS) was no longer supported. I had everything in it. At work I used OneNote (Windows) but have since migrated to TW5 in both environments.

At work there are restrictions on my ability to access the internet and many times I can’t practically pull out my MacBook Pro and start typing, so I want a solution that allows me to use my iPad mini or even my iPhone to read and edit tiddlers.

I am using TW5 as my entré into programming, so I am starting with JavaScript. As a result, I have played with Node.js, Noteself, Quine (was TWEdit), and Beaker browser. In my experience, all have frustrating limitations. On my MacBook, I can only reliably use TW5 one way: Personal TW5.html files are stored in Dropbox, and accessed via TiddlyDesktop. Because of Quine’s limitation, I moved them into ./Dropbox/Apps/Quine and am trying to find/clean up links as a result. All my image calls work on my laptop but fail on my iOS devices, so Quine remains far from perfect.

Looking at my Noteself notes from last July, this is how far I got:
I created a Cloudant share account on Icewine. I think IBM has since deleted my prior shared account. I am not sure where I should proceed, if at all.
Anyway, I create tiddlers at work and make sure that I sync my DropBox account online when I get home - definitely before I access a TW5.html file from my home desktop (or else I have competing versions). This scenario caused me to have to be very careful about keeping the latest version of a TW5.html file either on my laptop until synced to DropBox.

Do you have a recommendation regarding a database (DB) application? BTW, I have an inherent aversion to relying on IBM’s Watson (or any of the siren servers), given that IBM’s Watson is putting my entire profession out of work. I appreciate everything it can do (Natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics) and would love to have those capabilities under my control.


Hi, Martin here!

I am very new to TiddlyWiki and Noteself, let me quickly explain why I landed here…

When it comes to improving tools and workflows, I get easily inspired when I meet interesting candidates which can help. I do not hesitate to try out the most promising ones and, if I found better than my status-quo solutions, I adopt them.

One of those never ending improvement plans is to find a better personal notebook, knowledge documentation and journal application. Currently I use RedNotebook which is okay but has come into age. I am ready to replace it after four years of heavy and productive use—thanks for this, Jendrik Seipp.

Now, some days ago I stumbled again over TiddlyWiki which I learned about quite a while ago but never tried out for myself. I was immediately elated when I discovered the synchronization/storage approach from Noteself. The feature lists reads promising, TiddlyWiki5 has improved a lot since my last visit and anyhow—time to change for me!

Hello @smartmic
Welcome to the community.

Hope you find what you need !

Hello, everyone. JD here.

I’ve been a TW user for a few months now, and the lack of ways to use it in my mobile device the way I need it to has led to my discovery of NoteSelf. I’ve become a huge fan of it, its Android app, and TW itself, of course, once I got it to work to my specific needs.

Anyway, I didn’t realize there’s a dedicated forum for it, now, which is a sign of on-going development, which is always ideal. I’ve learned a lot from the people at the TW Google group, and here I expect I’ll learn more about one of its best editions.

Thanks for another healthy environment to lurk around in!

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Welcome to the community JD !
Glad to see you around here

Hi, I am )+(auloop.

Users of Tiddlywiki since 2.x.
I use it for my personal note taking and it completly replaced Evernote.
I also use it at work to write docs to share with my team.

I am experienced as sysadmin, expecially with UNIX/Linux environments and with some programming languages (C, Perl, Python, TCL/TK).

HTML+CSS+JS are not my world.
I have a lot to learn. I know that playing with TW could help. I am very glad to meet this forum.

Thanks Danielo for your great work.

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Welcome to this particular forum @mauloop

Jero here.
Please bear with me I’m a human snail.
Spending a lifetime trying to get Tiddlywiki to work for personal, teaching and other work projects.
Long ago I started suspecting that my consequent poor poor results must be rooted in plain digital illiteracy.
Then it took a decade or so to slowly find out that the next steps in my journey should include learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as some Server related stuff (?).
Well, at least that’s what I currently intend to do.

Lately I have been keeping TW5 files on Dropbox, accessing them with tiddlyDesktop from a PC.
But being unable to modify and save them on mobile (Android) really sucks.
If Noteself offers a solution to this issue, then I think that alone should be reason to build huge statues of Danielo in the main cities all over the world.

According to what I have read, it’s possible to create an account on a service called Cloudant, and I understand that there I can host diverse Noteself TW5 files, and that I can keep instances of these files synced on several devices (Windows, Mac, Android).

I also recently read that adding David Szego’s Cardo (as a plugin, or set of plugins, I guess?) on top of Noteself would produce working, sync’able GTD/project managing TW’s.

Well, that sounds great. I wanna try to do exactly that.

And the existence of this forum group gives me hope that I might find the help I will certainly need to elucidate the steps involved and accomplish that goal. Wish me luck.

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I really hope it does! And not because the idea of having statuses of my person all around the world, it because what I really want with Noteself is to help people interested in tiddlywiki and bring it to the modern era of multi device usage.

If you just want to get a taste of what Noteself is and how good or bad it works for you you don’t even need a cloudant account. Noteself already offers a free sync service that you can try going to the edge version :

OH, and welcome to the community

In fact there is a Noteself edition dedicated to that. I forgot to mention editions… Editions are versions of Noteself focused on certain tasks with a predefined selection of plugins, and GTD is one of them!

Sync service announcement

Editions announcement