NoteSelf official site updated to 5.1.21

This is just to announce that I just pushed a build of NoteSelf using 5.1.21
I’ve been trying it for a while and seems that it works without any problem. We are probably not taking advantage of any of the new TW features (I didn’t change the code since 5.1.14) but we are not facing any big problem so far.

If you find any not know problem (not already posted on the forum) please report it here.

You can find it at the usual urls:

Thank you! I’ve updated - it was pretty painless and removed all errors except the username one.

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Glad to hear that! We’ll continue working to resolve all the bugs

Username error removed using instructions here UserName type error and danielo says it’s a safe modification, so I’m all error free and a happy man.

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Hi @danielo515
Can you let me know the difference between the urls you posted. I understand this to be different versions of Noteself (online,edge,etc.) but I think it is not quite correct. Or maybe you hint me, to where the difference is documented :wink:
Kind Regards

Found it myself. Not sure why I did not find this earlier: Presenting Editions
However, I did not know of the GSD5 version before and wondered, where I could have find this information. It is also not in the mentioned link.

Hello @steffenms
Glad you find the explanation and that it was clear enough (it’s not usual on the things I write).
It’s true that the GSD5 edition is not linked there, but there are several users that have mentioned it on the forum and that they use it. Maybe you found it in some of those posts.