New domain for Noteself App

Hello everybody,
I want to announce that the official main page of the project is now hosted under
I owned the domain for some time now, since the inception of this forum.
The objective was to have an easy to remember URL for the forum, and I think it is.
The thing is that NoteSelf project is way older than this domain, and it lived under github subdomain since it’s inception.
Recently someone pointed out that it is weird to have the forum at but nothing at the root and I agree.
So I think it is time to move NoteSelf main page to a more appropriate place:

Why now?

Well, I can outline some reasons apart from the mentioned one:

  • I have learnt a lot about servers and DNS in the recent years, so I feel more confident about having both the main page and the forum under the same domain
  • The project is more mature, but having it under a github subdomain makes it feel less serious
  • I still use every day, but recently I started using it on more devices/computers, therefore I got tired tired of typing such a large URL, so I decided that I want a shorter one :smile:

How does this affect me?

  • The obvious thing is that you can now use instead of the larger You don’t need to update your bookmarks or change your notes, the old URL will still be valid and accessible
  • An indirect consequence is that you may get redirected from to
  • If you are using your own couchdb server and you want to connect to it using the new URL you may need to include the new domain on your CORS configuration. If you are using * then no change is required

Did I lost my data! :scream:

A direct consequence of the above and a reported problem is that when you navigate to an edition (ex you may get redirected to the same URL under the new domain (
This is a problem because your stored data is associated to the domain you use to access the application, so you will not see any of your data. Don’t panic!! Your data is still there. You can navigate to and verify that your data is accessible. From there you can export your data, navigate to the new domain and import it.
If you have sync to a remote server configured this is not needed, and all you need is to navigate to the new url login, and done!

Hope you enjoy the new shorter, easier to remember URL!!

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Wouldn’t it be better if old /gsd5 was not redirected? (as /online URL currently does)

It was really stressful for me to see that I was missing information because of this redirection, and I only noticed that it could be due to a domain redirection out of luck and out of my experience as developer. Others might not be so lucky and think they lost their data.

Yes, you’re completely right. That’s why I created this announcement, to inform people and avoid them going crazy about this.
My intention is to not redirect, but it was not as simple as I thought, and I it will have to wait till this weekend.

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