Multiple notebooks on same browser?

Hi, Newbie question.

Can I have access to more than one noteself notebook using my chromium browser in Linux (Arm Raspberry Pi distro) ?

Ps I have messed around with making copies of the html file renaming and opening each one at a time and setting a different db. I am now guessing you can only have one db on a browser?

Thank you for your time.

Hello @Adrian, welcome to the community
You can have several notebooks on the same browser, however you can not “concurrently” access them. The way the underlying library we use works, it will (not immediately but eventually) sync your configuration between browser tabs. So if you change the database in one tab, sooner or later you will be using the same notebook on both.

However, this only applies at the “domain” level (for example, several tabs on the same page or same file on different tabs). If open files with different names this should not happen because each file name is considered a domain (or it used to be like that).