Knowing This Forum Exists ... Needs Advertising?

There are, I suspect, many people on the TiddlyWiki Google Group, as well as on Twitter, who DO NOT know this group exists. They would benefit if you announced its address sometimes to the main Google Group and on Twitter with the hashtag “#TiddlyWiki

Here is an example of folk not knowing: JD’s message to GG

Hello @TiddlyTweeter
I announced this forum on the google group, but, as you know, google groups hides useful information very fast. But if you look for NoteSelf forum you will find them:!searchin/tiddlywiki/NoteSelf$20forum|sort:date/tiddlywiki/jlq-uXroRHM/BF8-YbgNBwAJ

In any case, I want to thank you for pointing users to this forum.


I’m quite happy to continue to periodically plugin Noteself. Its really good.

I still think that a message from you every 3 months of so on the GG & Twitter just giving the links to the download and to this discussion group would actually get you more users.

NoteSelf solves a lot of issues in TW very neatly. I think its particularly relevant to new users who simply want a “cloud wiki” that works easily over multiple platforms. Its worth thinking about how to make sure everyone who needs to know can know that NoteSelf exists.

Best wishes

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