Instructions for remote NS

Hi, asking the question differently.

What is the correct way to set up a NS that can be accessed remotely using different computer?

  1. Is it place a blank NS on a server. Access this blank NS from a browser and in setting give it path name and API key to Cloudant db?

I have done this successfully but when I attempt to access the same NS from another machine it fails to connect to the Cloudant db. If I put the path name and API key in to it. It says its saved and on reload the settings are not there!

Please what am I doing incorrectly.

Hello @Adrian, there is no such thing (at least not how I see it) as an empty/blank NS, it is blank by definition, all the data lives on your browser, just like Microsoft Word does not contain any of your files.

If you put a NS file on a server, then access that file the URL is important. If you access using different domains it will fail because browsers use certain security features.
So if you access on your server using http://localhost/NS.html and your access to cloudant works that is because CORS policies are not as strict on your local computer. But if you try to access from another place, for example another computer and you navigate then all CORS and other security restrictions will apply and prevent you from accessing cloudant if cloudant doesn’t send the appropriate headers.