How to stay logged in on multiple devices?

Hello all!

Noteself is great! And so is the sync feature. However, I noticed that when I logged in on my phone, after first having logged in on my desktop, that I was then logged out on my desktop. By that, I mean the little cloud symbol changed to a cloud with an x in it. I thought it was just a hiccup, so I re-logged in on the desktop, and now the same thing happened on my phone. Is there a known restriction where only a single device at a time can be logged in?

Hello @chadkennedyonline welcome to the community.
Are you using NoteSelf free sync service or are you using your own Couchdb server?
If you are using your own CouchDb server it is possible that your server is killing the cookie when a new one is emitted, and NoteSelf relies on cookie auth to work, so if one cookie is invalidated by your server you become unlogged.