How to hide revisions?

Hey folks!

I appreciate the “Show Revisions” feature, but theres an issue of tabs being left open at the bottom of a tiddler once you start clicking through the various revision entries. Closing the tiddler does not seem to hide those tabs. And there’s no menu item to close it out that I can find. It makes the feature quite frustrating, as it adds quite some visual noise to the document.

Im very much hoping someone can point me to a solution!


Hello @CaseyHunt, can you share an screenshot? I am having problems visualising the issue on my mind.

This situation appears on mobile devices. You can’t close the reversion info by clicking it again.

I have the same problem too, I can’t hide the revision tabs after I have opened them once.

Oh, now I see what do you mean. Does closing and opening the tiddler make them dissapear?

No, it doesn’t. Editing the tiddler doesn’t help either.