How to create default couchdb information?

I have the same question as [Solved] How to store login/password inside TW file? (the solution given solved the user’s problem, but doesn’t answer the original question).

I have a read-only user in my couchdb named ‘public’ and want to make it the default in the html file along with my db url so my public wiki will load for others without any configuration.

I’ve tried putting the values in ‘default’ for the text input fields of the tiddlypouch plugin in eg. $:/plugins/danielo515/tiddlypouch/ui/remote-name.

This does provide them in the ui text box, but they don’t seem to be effective. When login is attempted the values are seen as still null.

(Reposted since adding to the old ‘solved’ post may mean it won’t be seen)

Hello @fluxsmith ,
That issue got solved by a different way because at the end storing the credentials on the wiki was not required.
I tried to implement this functionality in the past, but I don’t remember if I finally completed it or not. I have to take a look at the code in order to answer reliably.
I think I added the ability to fallback to a config tiddler but just for certain values (user and remote database). But as I said, I have to re-check.