How to allow people to view one "tiddler" in my noteself

I’m using Noteself online via Firefox. I’m wondering if I can send someone a link to a tiddler that I make so they can read it but not edit it. I would like people to view a tiddler sometimes but not edit it and share collections of information that way, like tiddlyspot did. (Tiddlyspot is still read-only so I cannot update it online from any computer so it’s usefulness is limited for me.)

Thank you!

Hello @bacca400,
This is not currently possible with noteself. It would require some kind of shared storage with fine-grained read permissions, or at least a public place that you can share to. I think most people will want to be able to share it’s stuff password protected or something similar, which is way over the capabilities of what NoteSelf is now.
But I’m not against implementing it some day, I’ll add it to the announcements when that happens.