Hello, a few questions from a new user

I have been looking for a wiki to use for a technical library I provide. think o basically 700 documents with a lot of screen captures and test to describe the capture.
I would like to "distribute " the wiki to my uses, not necessarily online per say - just send them a packes with teh wiki inside, updates would follow as i grow my library…

I like set design and configuration of NoteSelf but im confused about how I could “distribute” my preloaded wiki…Is this use case possible?

Also is there a fast way to get my 700 MS Word files into the NoteSelf system?

I think I already answered this question somewhere else…

For now, with the current architecture Noteself (and probably neither TiddlyWiki) is a good fit for attaching files. It adds too much overhead because everything is stored as text. In the case of noteself that is stored on the Browser memory, in the case of TiddlyWiki it is stored inside the html file itself. Neither of those is a good format for storing files