Fully self-hosted Note Self instance

I now have what I consider to be a fully functional implementation of Note Self with all the needed infrastructure set up and working properly on a VM.

  • Apache HTTP Server version 2.4
  • Let’s Encrypt for TLS certificate signing
  • CouchDB version 1.7
  • FreeBSD 11.1 for the Operating System
  • Hosting on Vultr (but any Cloud VM provider should work fine)

Apache serves up a locally hosted copy of the Note Self HTML file and provides a proxy to the CouchDB server. All done over HTTPS. CouchDB listens on localhost only. CouchDB performs user authentication.

When I have time, I will write up a series of tutorials on each of the steps. For now I’m just happy that I finally fixed the last part that was bugging me.

It’s hosted at https://notes.suntrap.ca/noteself.html but since nobody other than me has a username and password, all you will get is the empty Note Self HTML file.

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@thelostadmin that’s awesome! is it as secure as an encrypted tiddlywiki html file? i’ve been looking at giving noteself a try.

if you have anytime to write up a tutorial on how you got that setup i’d be willing to tip you some bitcoin / bitcoin cash!

Hello @anon77

I have plans to implement client side encryption on NoteSelf, but I didn’t found a suitable solution for now.
Your best right now bet would be encrypt the partitions where you couchdb server is saving the data.