Download Database

I have been building a TiddlyWiki using NoteSelf in Chrome. I just happened to check out the html file in a text editor and discovered that my data is not in the html file. A little research on your site tells me that Chrome is storing the database!!! Which means that my backups are not actually backing anything up. I see messages about people losing their database when they update the browser!!! Please tell me how I can download and backup the database that is somehow embedded in Chrome. Where is it storing the data? I only even started using TiddlyWiki because it said everything is stored in a single html file. Apparently that is not true? How can I get my data out of the browser? I do not want to have to copy/paste everything out of the 500 individual Tiddlers I’ve created over the last week or two. There has to be a better way to deal with this.

Hello @clarissam, this is a particular detail of NoteSelf which differentiates it from Tiddlywiki, and it is explained in the FAQ:

When you click in the download button, you should get a bunch of notifications telling you the database is being packed and once all your tiddlers are ready, it will download a new HTML file containing all your files, in a non-editable version.
Does that work for you? Have you checked the downloaded file? If that does not work for you, there are always ways to extract the data, but are more manual.