Deleted tiddlers come back after refresh

A lot of things are indicating the sync is working (I am running CouchDB separately). The cloud is grey with a checkmark, there are almost no console errors (I’ll mention more later), there’s a ton of network calls immediately after I delete a tiddler, and logging into the CouchDB instance I see only the tiddlers I wanted to keep. After a refresh I will always get back the tiddlers I just deleted. I’ve tried using Firefox (seems to be more stable) and Chromium (seems to work like garbage) and I’m not seeing the behavior I want in either.

The only error I’ve seen is a 409 Conflict from doing a PUT to http://localhost:5984/tiddlywiki/_design/filtered_replication.

Does is the syncing not work “both ways”? Are these browsers actually unsupported?

409 means that the versions are conflicting. You and the server have different versions, which claim to be the same (let’s say, both have a version 9 with different versions IDs). You must make sure you make changes only when everything is synced

So how would I correct the conflict? Wipe out the DB and do the sync again?

I deleted that specific entry in the DB and the 409 went away for a bit. It came back though after I refreshed the page. Also, deleted entries are still being brought back.