CouchDB/PouchDB on regular TiddlyWiki

I don’t know if this is an odd request, but I wanted to know if there was a way to setup the CouchDB/PouchDB sync on a regular TiddlyWiki. I’ve been using Noteself for awhile, but I prefer standalone apps (like Tiddloid or Twexe) which is the reason I ask… I want to setup a regular TW for use in said apps, but have my TW still sync to my CouchDB.

I understand if what I am asking is impossible or makes no sense, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Hello @KingAsix,
If you prefer to use separate apps (not sure if you mean android or desktop) there is an android app of NoteSelf:

If you mean PC apps, that makes not much sense for noteself, but if you have a modern browser like Chrome you can add noteself web-app as a OS app.
For example, on chrome I just followed this path: