Couchdb and Noteself work locally - what next?

Hi all

after much mucking about on my Ubuntu Server I got Couchdb set up and have Noteself talk to it. To my own surprise it works!

Of course there is an admin user for Couchdb but for the next steps (securing Couchdb) I am not sure what to do before exposing my Noteself to the internet.

I am aware of TheLostAdmin’s guide for just that (Securing Couchdb) but it is incomplete.
Can someone help me out here? Being able to use Noteself locally, I am close enough to see that I want to be able to use it generally but of course, only once properly secured.

I have not configured any couchdb, I have always used third party services, but here are some considerations:

  • make sure admin party is disabled. This means that every user is an admin user, something you probably don’t want.
  • make sure auth is enabled. I think by default couchdb does not have any security
  • you need to expose the port 80 and/or 443 and nothing else

I don’t know much more to review, maybe @thelostadmin can give you some more guidance.
If this gets resolved with a good list of things to do/review I’ll keep it on the tutorials section, otherwise I will move to the help section.