Ask for an edition

This is the official topic for asking for customized editions. If you don’t know what an edition is pleas check presenting editions

When asking for an edition, please use the following template:

  • Edition name: Give this edition a descriptive name
  • Purpose of the edition: What is this edition for ?
  • Required plugins: List of plugins you want to include on your edition and links to grab them if they are not TW official
  • Extra tiddlers: Any extra tiddler that you want to be pre-baked on the edition

I think that is more than enough to start.
Let’s go!

That’s an exciting prospect… I shall think.

I haven’t got a name for it, but I would very much like an edition that includes a toolbar/button bar on the top (somewhat like Ton’s TopBar). Ideally, this bar would include the NoteSelf Cloud/Offline button by default. It helps me know when I forget to log-in but doesn’t take up as much screen space as the sidebar.

Hello @thelostadmin, do you have links to an example or plugin ?


I like to put this on my tiddlywikis:

I remove most of the buttons, generally only showing “save changes” “search”, “create new tiddler”, and “new journal”.

I would like to add the Note Self cloud/offline button to that list. I tried but I’m doing something wrong.

Having the Note Self cloud/offline button always up there means I don’t need to keep the sidebar open so I know it saved.

I imagine people who use that TopToolbar thing will want their own set of tools.

Ok, I’ll give it a try