Alternative sync backends?

Hi there,

Have there been any thoughts about supporting sync to a different storage service (in addition to couchdb)?

I’m using noteself as personal notebook across multiple devices and really enjoy the ability to use it completely offline for extended periods of time. But finding good couchdb hosting is difficult - cloudant is messy and complex, smileupps (which I’m using now) will close down at the end of the year and your (generous) sync service is something I have absolutely no control over.

I had a look at Tiddlywiki’s github saver, but there I don’t have any offline capabilities. And the download saver (which can be combined with any cloud sync) doesn’t work on Android.

Soo - have you ever thought about extending noteself to alternatively support sync to, say, a webdav share, github repo or the like? How difficult would that be to implement?

My Javascript skills are unfortunately very rudimentary (working primarily with java and bash currently), but maybe I could help a bit nevertheless.


Hello @creinig, I see this is your first post, so welcome to the community.

Well, NoteSelf born an it is completely centered around syncing to couchdb. With the time, I added some extra functionalities and called it a separate edition, but most of the functionalities are provided by the core plugin, which uses Pouchdb wich in turn relies on Couchdb.
I know it is hard to find a good couchdb service, that’s why I decide to make it as easy as possible for users and I offer a free alternative.
I want to increase the confident users can have on my service by making sure that information is encrypted before being sent to the server, but that is something I didn’t have time to work at yet.
So, to answer your question, making NoteSelf (or any other tiddlywiki) sync to a different backend will require an entire plugin. I think there is at least one plugin for syncing to a web-dav server, take a look at plugins section.