Accessing web hosted noteself via different computers

I have a hosted noteself .html file that uses a cloudant Couch db on IBMs cloud.
It works well.
I use Chromium browser on Linux to access it daily.

If I use my apple macbook pro and chromium to access the same noteself file it presents me with a different version of my noteself! There is nothing in the Couch DB settings etc in the Control panel.
So it does not sync with the Cloudant Couch DB.

Why is it different?

I am obviously missing something simple!

Appreciate advice.




The settings part of the noteself tiddly wiki and in particular the Data base name and connection info.
Is that saved into the html file, the browser db or the remote couch (in my case cloudant db) ?

My thought were it should be in the html tiddy wiki but perhaps not? Is that the problem?
I did try typing the DB setting back into the settings on the Apple but it did not retain them.

Perplexed I am.

No, the credentials are not baked on the HTML file. That could be a security risk, because anyone accessing that HTML file will have your database connection info.
You have to go to the settings tab and fill them in on your macbook to start syncing

Hi Danielo,
Thanks for your reply.

When I fill tab setting on my macbook they are not saved.
Is there something in Chromium browser on the mac that is preventing saving?

Sorry for asking the obvious, but do you click the save button and get a notification about reloading the page?

Yes Danielo, I do get that notification. I reload and there is nothing saved.
Could it be some setting of the browser?

Can I ask what is the mechanism by which Noteself should save the setting to the browser?
Is it the same for any browser and platform?